It is quite often the Bride to be is torn between the choice to have or not to have children at their wedding and it is a decision not taken lightly. 

We understand this feeling all too well and know that your wedding is incredibly important to you! We also know how much you have to plan and organise so letting us take the worry of  'children' and 'childcare' of your ever growing to do list is the least we can do.

We have a number of options for your wedding whether its child friendly or child free. 

This includes our:

Timmy's Play Den

Tammy's Night Time Zen 


Tammy Nannies

Or if you are a Bride to be mumma check out our Bridal Package Below. 



You're getting married and it's the biggest day of your life. You have 101 things to worry about, organise, do and changing your little darlings' nappies in your wedding dress just doesn't fit into your busy itinerary.

Let's face it, you love them to pieces but they are a handful on the best of days and this is your day so just this once...

mama comes first!


This is why you need a Personal Tammy Nanny Assistant (PTNA).. 

 Our nannies come to your door, they assist you from start to finish working with your schedule. They dress, feed, change, organise your little ones, assisting with your needs and helping when and where possible. Our PTNA's are on-hand, as and when you need, to ensure your day runs smoothly. This allows more time to focus on you and your guests.
We assist with every part of the day working with the brides schedule.

Our PTNA's can help with; the ceremony, photos, speeches, first dance, meals, naps and even bedtime.