Timmy's Rainbow Rice Unicorn Tea Party

We all love a good tea party so combine unicorns and rainbow rice with teacups and saucers and we invite you to the most magical tea party of all tea parties hosted by our very own Timmy!! 

Our magical unicorns and rainbow rice is one of our most popular sensory play activities right now and we want to share with you exactly how you can also host your very own magical tea party. 


So how do we make rainbow rice? A question we get asked quite often. 

It really is quite simple and an activity in itself! A perfect science experiment for a rainy day! All you need is rice, food coloring and sandwich bags.

Fill the sandwich bag with rice

Add the colour you want (only 1 or 2 drops) 

Seal the bag


Repeat until you have all the colours of the rainbow

We created our little tea party in a Kmart tray http://www.kmart.com.au/product/white-metal-tray-with-handles/700581 - These are perfect and versatile for any sensory activity. We love them! 



Sensory play engages ALL senses

Children learn best and are able to retain more information when all senses are engaged.

During sensory play, the brain makes connections as they learn pre-math skills such as comparing size or volume (which cup can hold more rainbow rice). They also build on science skills such as gravity (the rice goes down the funnel when I pour it) and cause and effect (what happens when I squish rainbow rice vs. squishing playdough?).

Children exercise their creativity and imagination as sensory play provides open-ended learning opportunities. This prompts kids to think creatively to solve problems or to engage in make believe scenarios while they are at play.

Sensory play activities help children to use descriptive and expressive language, as they experience the true meaning of the word: grainy, loose.

Sensory play activities strengthens fine motor skills and develops pre-writing skills as they pour, spoon, mix, scoop, measure, grasp and squish.

Sensory play activities allow children to be in complete control of their actions and experiences. This in turn inspires them to learn and experiment. It also boosts their confidence in decision making.


 We hope you enjoy your very own magical tea party,

Timmy and Tammy xoxo